“We do the work so you don’t have to.”

Allow us to help you sell your property our agents/Realtor’s want to get it sold as quick as possible and get the most money for you.  Selling a property in a timely manner requires executing a marketing plan immediately we have the systems in place to do so.

There is definitely a formula to put your property on the fast track for to sell the first thing is a CMA  to determine the  market value of your property.  If you agree with the price the market is willing to pay for your property we can move on.  To be competitive in the market it has to be priced right otherwise buyers will not even consider it.

Once a buyer has previewed a few properties they get a feel for what to expect for the price. Today’s buyers are well informed and the ability to determine what a property is worth comes fast. If the buyer requires financing and that’s more than fifty percent of the buyers then the property has to appraise for the contract price.

Classic Properties sales team will invest time and money to sell your property when you get money we get money in other words we don’t get paid until you do.  My dad use to say just keep doing what you’re supposed to be doing and everything will  fall into place he was right.

Typically informed buyers seek out real estate agents because they know sellers pay the sales commissions. They also understand and appreciate agents have up to date sales information. We market your property at no additional cost to you and we go over and beyond at Classic Properties we want to sell your property.

We will put your property into the MLS making the information available to every licensed Realtor in Gainesville and surrounding area.  There are several hundred Realtor s in Gainesville, Florida and any one of them can bring a buyer. The exposure of the internet cannot be ignored we get your listing into over fifty websites that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Your listing will also get into the Real Estate Book, one of the largest print real estate magazines in the United States.  As a bonus any property in the book also goes into the Real Estate Book’s website.  Customers also request magazines and they are mailed out to them.  Here in Gainesville we have over three hundred magazine drop locations it is certainly good exposure.

To increase exposure to your property we send email alerts daily to all our prospective buyers informing them of New Listings, price changes, any relevant information and of course we put up For Sale signs and direction arrows.   All designed to increase traffic and exposure to your property.

We install signs in front of your property and respectfully handle all the curiosity calls from the neighbors.  Dad use to say the neighbors are very curious and that may be a good thing a neighbor may have a buyer.

Classic Property’s agents / Realtor s will have buyers pre-approved before they ever see your property we don’t want to waist anyone’s time.  We also request a pre-approval letter with any offer that is presented threw another office.

When your property is listed as pending it is because the buyer has been pre-approved then the property has to appraise for the contract price if there is financing involved.  Then we move on to the closing table and that is when you get your money.

List your property with us and we will take care of the rest.

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