Property Management in Gainesville, Florida

We take the stress out of Renting Property.

We have the most Owner Friendly Property Management contract in Gainesville, Florida.

If you don’t want to deal with renters we will do it for you.

We do not charge up-front fee

Call us to discuss Property Management for your property.

    • Our rental fee is low.
    • We do not charge fee’s when a property’s is vacant.
    • We show your property until it is rented.
    • We advertise your property until rented.
    • Your rent payments is deposited directly into your account.
    • Funds available as soon as the check clears.
    • We place signs on your property and advertise in multiple websites to get your property rented as quick as possible.
    • Every tenant will go through a tenant screening process including a credit and background check.
    • Prospective tenant pay for credit and background check.
    • You the property owner will have the final say to accept or reject the prospective tenant.
    • We pay higher commissions for rental assistance from other offices.
    • We do not give out keys to your property for unsupervised people to see your property.
    • A Realtor will always be present when your property is shown.
    • If an eviction is required we will handle it for you through an attorney’s office for the lowest possible price currently about $450.00.
    • Lease’s are prepared by an attorney at no cost to you. An application fee pay’s for the lease preparation.
    • Annual attorney lease renewals are $75.00
    • We send the property owner a spread sheet at the end of the year for tax purposes

The systems we have in place are designed save you money, handle problems for you and keeping you informed of what is happening.

Rental properties can be lucrative and establishing a rental portfolio is a method used by many well to do individuals. Investments in real estate are backed by hard collateral that provides a margin of investment safety.

There are issues we can help the investor avoid the concept “It takes money to make money” has merit. But you may need a shield to avoid potential potential problem issues before they become your problem. We are your shield we can help you conserve your wealth by helping you invest in income producing property providing a stream of passive income.

As a property management service company we want to save the property owner money. The most common issues we deal with are Air Conditioning and plumbing. Because of prior experiences we often handle the problem on the phone saving the property owner dollars. One issue that often comes up is a “tenant calls in complaining that the A/C is not working” and it is sweltering.

The first thing we ask them is check the circuit breaker box. Breakers sometimes trip because of power surges. If the breaker has tripped the fix is easy and the problem is solved avoiding a $125.00 service call. Another issue with A/C’s is tenants forget to replace the A/C filter. Without proper air flow the A/C unit will not cool properly. By replacing the A/C filter the problem is solved on the phone and another service call fee is avoided and the tenant has cooling comfort quicker.

Still another A/C situation is the tenant set the temperature to low and the coil freezes.  The normal A/C is designed to cool down a twenty degree difference from the outside temp.  If the thermostat is set greater than a twenty degree difference the unit may not operate properly overload and cut off.

Plumbing issues are sometimes handled on the phone also. We have had tenants complaining of low water pressure. The first thing to check is the shut off valve under the sink it may be partially closed.  There are many scenarios to many to mention where we avoid a service call saving out property owner money.

We have developed procedures to deal with problems in a way that will save you money.  I’m sure you will agree your hard earned dollars are better in your account than as additional expenses.

Call us to discus your property management you will be glad you did.

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