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Be the architect of your future Real Estate Career * your future starts now.

There are a numerous specialty fields in real estate and once you have some experience you can decide in which one you want to pursue.

I’m happy you are here!  This is the first step to a rewarding career with a brief introduction to our business followed by a phone call from you to our office.  I will be happy to answer your burning questions. We can provide the knowledge and the tools you need for a successful real estate career.  My name is Michael Quinones, Real Estate broker for Classic Properties Realty Services, in Gainesville Florida.  I have been in sales over thirty years and I have never had a salaried position.  So you see it is do-able.  We mostly work in but not limited to Gainesville, Alachua County, Gilchrist County, Levi County, Northern Marion County, Southern Columbia County.

The common objection I hear allot about selling real estate is “I don’t know how to sell.”  I can help you with that you started selling before you could speak.  Didn’t you communicate to your mother that you were hungry, tired perhaps needed a change and you did this before you could speak. Well you had to sell your mom on that ideas so you have been selling for a long time. Selling is communicating and about now you are probably thinking that is a bit simple but the fact is selling is simple especially selling real estate.  We all need a place to live all you need to do is find what your customer likes and they will buy it.

Before I forget if anyone has said to you that you are a natural because you have the “the gift of gab” or that you need the gift of gab.  Forget that it is more important that you have the ability to listen, that you be able to understand others and that you have empathy.  If you have the latter you have the ability to be successful in Real Estate.

There are not many careers that allow you to help someone with, usually, the biggest investment in their life and be well paid for it. Just like in any career you may prefer to specialize in one area and you have many specialties to choose from. There is residential sales, relocation specialist, commercial property, rentals, property management, vacant land, country homes and others.  Fortunately if you find you are a natural or are happier in another specialty other than the one you chose you can change direction and channel your energy there. Remember which ever specialty you chose listings are the most important. Listings make you the go to person. I find that  successful people are usually those doing something they enjoy doing something they are happiest at. Helping others accomplish their goals should make you happy because when you do you get rewarded.

About the successful people I have never met a successful person that didn’t put in a full weeks work every week. Successful people in real estate usually average over fifty hours per week. Sure there are some that make a living working less but if you have a choice which group do you want to be in at least you have a choice. My favorite saying is “life is a matter of priorities.”  I will help you with whatever it is you want to accomplish.

The first step is licensing the licensing course can be done on the internet and most associates do the course on the internet. It is also more cost effective.  Everything you need to pass the licensing test is there and you can go at your own pace. You can actually be licensed in one month it is just a matter of how fast you want to get it done.

The license is a requirement since you need to access to the MLS and you cannot until you are licensed.  All the tasks are user friendly so no need to stress about your ability to use the software.  My philosophy has always been if we cannot use the software we have not failed the software designer failed the soft ware needs to be user friendly.

To be a Realtor you need to be a self-starter, be able to work unsupervised. It is a rewarding career but not everyone can do it and it usually goes back to the individual’s ability to work unsupervised. There is a saying in real estate those that make the most money are the ones that are the hungriest hungry also translates to the desire to do or accomplish something. It is not difficult you may be thinking that you don’t know everything and that is where the support team comes in.

We have system in place to provide the knowledge you need to make money with your real estate license. This is not our first dance we will provide what you need to be successful your job will be to apply what we teach you.

When there is a problem, when you are in doubt about something, you are not alone there is an entire team backing you. All you need to do is walk into my office or pick up that phone and call just reach out and we will help you.  It is not unusual for me to get calls from  agents while on vacation not a problem I’m glad to be able to help any time just call me.

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