Homes For Sale In Gainesville Florida

Homes for sale in Gainesville Florida. Great happy you found us. Classic Properties Realty Services a real estate office where our real estate agents / Realtor’s help customers selling or locating homes for sale in Gainesville Florida. Our agents handle any property for sale in Gainesville, commercial, condo, horse property, vacant land, gated communities, retirement communities, bank owned properties, foreclosures or rentals. Our agents will be happy to help with anyone of them. We also cover the counties and cities surrounding Alachua County, High Springs, Newberry, Archer, Hawthorne, Micanopy, and others. We are located at:  3921 NW 97 Blvd. Suite 102 Gainesville, Florida 32606  (map)



Residential Real Estate in Gainesville, Florida and Alachua County

Gainesville Real Estate – Homes For Sale In Gainesville, FL. The purchase of your new family home involves a sizable investment often associated with it a certain amount of unfamiliar steps. We want to help you make this a happy smooth and pleasurable experience and at the same time make this the beginning of a lasting relationship. The most common request is a 3/2 home, foreclosure or bank owned property.  Our real estate agents / Realtor s or Property Search on this site can help you browse the listings in your selected area per your requirements or just call us feel free to contact us! We will help you find homes for sale in Gainesville, Fl., surrounding cities or counties to suit your need.

There are many  things to be aware of when buying a home. We have systems in place to help you avoid unnecessary or costly mistakes. We will take steps to protect you in the home buying process such as providing sellers disclosures, professional home inspectors, pest inspectors for a termite inspection, survey company’s, home warranty providers etc.

The first thing list out what you want in a home number of bedrooms, bathrooms, back yard, acreage, close to shopping, condo, close to a soccer field, close to UF,  pool, close to Shands hospital, VA hospital or in a retirement community.  Whatever’s most important to you goes on the list.

Once we establish your criteria we develop a list of the available properties for you to inspect and consider. Then we take you out to look at your selected properties and begin to narrow down the list. Eventually there will be one or two that are your favorites and you will want to make an offer.

Next a market analysis to establish the current market value of the property you have selected. With this information you can make an offer based on actual current sales.

It is important that an accepted offer be based on market value so that you do not over pay and if financing lender will require an appraisal and the property must appraise very close to contract price otherwise the lender will not fund the deal.

Perhaps you have a lender or our real estate agents / Realtor s can offer names of mortgage agents that take deals to the closing table. In either case our real estate agents / Realtor s will work with them to help you close on your property.  Like we say in our office we do the work so you don’t have to.


Condos For sale in Gainesville, Florida

Condos are very popular in Gainesville because of the college student population.  Our real estate agents / Realtor s will help you find Condos for sale in Gainesville Florida. There are about ninety thousand college students in a community a little over three hundred thousand.  It is wise to recognize the needs of students. Builders have responded to the demand for student friendly condos and have built condos to provide those needs.

Condos are attractive to students because many students don’t want responsibility’s of property upkeep such as exterior repairs and lawn maintenance. Living in a condo eliminates responsibility of outside maintenance those are usually handled by an association.  There are also great amenities condos often have  pools, club house, gyms, computer labs, tennis courts, internet, cable and other bells and whistles.

I receive calls from parent’s that are having a son or daughter moving to Gainesville to attend college and they have just had an epiphany if they buy a condo with multiple bedrooms and baths their child can rent the extra rooms and live rent free while attending college. It is such a good idea that a number of builders have built to suit that exact need. There are a number of condos that are 4/4 it makes a very usable space allowing for each bedroom to have a private bath, common kitchen, laundry room and a living room.

That’s a big thing for many students not having to share the bathroom and that has been solved with a 4/4. Some parents keep one of the bedrooms for those occasions when they are in to visit and spend time with their child.  The ability to share a condo during the school year is a great opportunity for students. There is also safety in numbers and students can pick whom room with.

Another popular condo acquisition is for Gator Game Days graduates like to come into town and not have to worry about hotels rooms. It’s very convenient to come into town and have a place to come to that’s like home and no reservation necessary.  All around condos are good investment’s.

If you are looking to buy or sell a condo we can help.  Our team of agents /Realtor s are experienced and are familiar with the local market. We will help you save time and money. We have proven systems and methods to help and protect you.  Just give us a call to set the wheel’s in motion.

Don’t get frustrated looking on your own we can help you find what is available be it a one/one  four/four condo.  Some of our customers are investors and prefer to have some one else handle the property management and we are happy to do so. We have the best property management contract in town.

We will help you every step of the way.



Commercial Real Estate in Gainesville, Florida and Alachua County

Buying or selling commercial property congratulations you came to the right place we deliver more than we promise.  We are a dedicated group of real estate agents / Realtor s dedicated to providing professional services and we consider the present transaction the beginning of a lasting relationship.

“We want your business is” is an understatement call Classic Properties Realty services you will be glad you did.  In your plans there is a note about ROI tell us what it is you want and we will concentrate our efforts in making it happen.

Relocating your business to Gainesville Florida  Classic Properties real estate agents / Realtor s are here to help you find the property you need for your business. Gainesville has a healthy Commercial market, although by comparison it is a small town of three hundred thousand, but because of the heavy demand from college student  over 65,000 at the University of Florida and another 25,000 at Santa Fe Community College most restaurant chains and major chain stores are represented in Gainesville Florida soooo  the commercial market is thriving.

If you are excited about finding commercial property we share in your excitement. We want your business, we want to help you find what you are looking for whether it is a space in a strip mall, a standalone building, an apartment building or vacant land to build on.   The plans you have perhaps are for retail or manufacturing we can most certainly help you.

When considering an investment it always gets back to ROI.  There are many things to take into consideration to make the numbers work for your desired ROI we can help you get there. The term Location, location, location is paramount when considering a commercial property. We want to help you be successful so we take your concerns seriously.  Drive by traffic or pedestrian traffic maybe what you need or the most important thing maybe access to a major highway, no matter what it is we will find your property according to your criteria.

Selling Commercial Property   We can sell it for you, we will use the advertising systems we have in place to get the word out and put together a marketing plan to get your property sold. Selling your property of course we want to sell your property for the highest price.  We start by heavy advertising to attract buyers when a buyer shows interest we pre-qualify the buyer before they see your property.  This avoids you wasting your time and disappointment for the buyer if hey later realize they are not able to buy your property.

Some sellers prefer to be discreet and do not want open advertising we can also work with that. Our customer’s priority is our priority.



 Vacant Land in Alachua County 

If you want to buy or sell land in and around Gainesville, Florida we can help.  If you want a country estate, horse property, farm land, cattle ranch or a hobby farm our agents, associates, Realtor s have the experience and knowledge to help you find the type of property you want. Perhaps you want land but you want it in a gated community we have those.  Or a few acres a country estate our agents will find it  if it is for sale.

We often have customers that want land and then they see what the property taxes are going to be and they want to find a way to reduce those property taxes.


  • First property taxes are calculated according to the purchase price and the increase or decrease does not apply until the following year after the purchase.
  • Per acre property taxes can be lowered a number of ways planting trees, having horses, cattle, goats, sheep and more. The number of trees or farm animals are per acre and the property appraiser’s office provides a list as to what and how many are required to qualify for agricultural exemption of property taxes.

We will generate a list of available properties according to your requirements, find properties that have the right stuff, make arrangements for you to see the properties and then take you to see them until we find what works for your needs.  Once your selected property is located we prepare your offer assist you negotiating the contract by first doing a market analyses to establish market value for you.

When purchasing acreage the survey is very important to be sure there are no encroachments on the property and to establish where the corners are located/boundaries.  If the property is not fenced you may want to fence your property and it is very important you place the fence on the correct property line or inside your property. A survey will locate where your property is located. Moving fences can be costly and I’m sure you don’t want to go there.

We want you to help you find what you want call Classic Properties Realty Services we will help you find exactly what you want.  From the property search threw the closing presses we will be there for you.   Let’s make it happen just call us.



Want To Buy or Sell a home in Gainesville, Florida?

Call us! We can get it Sold.

If you want to sell your property our real estate agents / Realtor s can get it done faster and get the highest possible price.  Our team will work with you to complete a Free Market Analysis to determine market value.  A market analysis will establish what similar properties have sold for and what the market is willing to pay.  Then you can decide if the market price meets with your expectations. We provide signs, advertising, and invest time and money to sell your property.

Our expert staff pre-screens and gets potential customers pre-approved before they ever see your property we don’t want to waste your time or theirs. “If you want it sold, call us—we can do it!” RELOCATION SERVICES  – It will be a pleasure to help you relocate to our area. or out of it. We usually help our customers get familiar with the area and we will be happy to do so and of course assist in finding property in Gainesville, Florida or surrounding areas.

Call or E-Mail us today!    1-352-331-2100


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